Investment Associate
New York City
Junior +1 · Full time
Posted 9 months ago

Virgin Management has an exciting opportunity for an Investment Associate to join the team.

The associate will assist the team in sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities, ultimately leading to investment in Virgin and non-Virgin branded companies. They will also support active portfolio management to maximize and deliver long-term value to the Branson family through the Group’s existing investment portfolio. These responsibilities will primarily entail:

  • Working effectively with portfolio companies’ management teams and other co-investors to aid in value creation across a range of strategic projects and initiatives.

  • Monitoring portfolio company performance and communicating updates back to the Group for shared learnings and internal reporting/planning purposes.

  • Providing financial and analytical support to various internal and external teams to broadly inform and support the Group’s strategy.

  • Evaluating potential new investment opportunities via thorough quantitative and qualitative analyses, including as it relates to the Group’s sponsored Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”) and venture capital portfolio.

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Closing date 12 December 2021.

Virgin Management

Virgin is one of the most exciting brands in the world, with a reputation for excellence and a unique culture across its diverse range of businesses.

Virgin Management is the home of Virgin. It supports the Branson family and the growth of the Virgin brand by developing and nurturing valuable Virgin businesses around the world.

The team has offices in London and New York and covers many facets of business including brand, investment, legal, finance, tax, human resources corporate relations.

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Virgin Group is an investment company focused on leisure, travel, tourism, mobile, broadband, TV, radio, music, finance, and health sectors.
Size:  10,000+ employees
Year Founded:  1970
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